Hygiene Set, Sanitizer, Lavender Liquid Soap, Soap Sampler Set

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Buy this bundle and save!  Our Hygiene Set is a combo pack of our Propolis Sanitizer, Liquid Soap, and 1.5 oz. Sampler Set  

Propolis Sanitizer has the bacterial and viral killing power of isopropyl alcohol plus the enhanced power of propolis – an aromatic resin that bees collect from trees and shrubs which is used to protect the hive from infection.

We also added a blend of 8 essential oils. These 8 oils all have high anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.

This combination of ingredients makes Hive & Body’s Propolis Sanitizer is a powerful hygiene tool for hands and surfaces.

Works well for hands and disinfecting surfaces, counters, door knobs, keyboards, and more.

Use of our Propolis Sanitizer along with regular hand washing with Hive & Body’s cold processed soap - - is a highly effective health protocol.

Our Propolis Sanitizer comes in reusable bottles. The spritzer head makes it easy to spray - on hands or surfaces. Comes in three convenient sizes: 2 oz purse and travel size, a 4 oz bottle perfect for purse, car, or pocket; 16 oz is great for home or office.

Liquid Soap - chemical free, handmade in Santa Barbara California using our cold processed soap cuttings and distilled water. You'll enjoy the same gentle cleansing as our Handmade Bath Bars. All of our soap products are made with all-natural organic ingredients.

Liquid Soap is a multi-purpose cleanser - - good for face, hands, and hair. It is also great for hand washing dishes.

Bar Soaps are made using all natural ingredients and made in Santa Barbara California, our soaps bring the cleanliness properties of the beehive to clean and nurture your skin. You won't find any unnecessary chemicals that can harm your skin. All our soaps are handmade cold-processed using beeswax and honey to provide a gentle cleaning from head to toe. 

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