Soap - Bath Bar, Spearmint Island

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Spearmint Island is our newest scent. You will love its minty spearmint scent. While the spearmint leaf is generally associated with its many culinary uses, it is a wonderful additive in hygiene products. 

Of the many beneficial properties of spearmint, antibacterial and antimicrobial are two of the most important. The spearmint scent is also known to be a stress reliever. Regular use may help keep your skin healthy and vibrant and your attitude positive. 

Our handmade cold processed beeswax and honey soaps provide a gentle cleansing from head to toe. All natural and certified organic with no harsh chemicals.  

Colors may vary.

Choose from our winning scents: activated charcoal & mint, jojoba oil & citrus, lavender, olive oil & bee pollen, spearmint island.

Our soaps bring the cleanliness properties of the beehive to clean and nurture your skin. Ocean safe and grey water safe.

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