Honey - Raw & Local

For centuries, healers and homeopaths have used honey as remedies - - soothing a sore throat, aiding in digestive issues, helping with asthma, to name a few. Raw honey is rich in amino acids, minerals, and a wide range of vitamins and enzymes.

Most honey sold in stores have been heated and pasteurized. While this processing prevents honey from crystalizing it also destroys many of the enzymes and beneficial compounds of raw honey.

Hive & Body uses a cold-pack method. This maintains the integrity of the enzymes, antioxidants, and many other beneficial compounds. Raw honey is best described as 'straight from the hive.' Cold-pack process is extracting honey from the honeycombs of the hive and pouring it over a mesh or nylon cloth to separate the honey from impurities like beeswax and dead bees. After being strained it is bottled and ready to be enjoyed.

We have hives throughout Santa Barbara County. You might enjoy the citrusy flavor of Ojai Orange Blossom, the sweet musky flavor of Santa Ynez Wild Sage, or the full-bodied flavor of Santa Barbara Wildflower.