Surf Screen

Hive & Body's signature product. This is the product that launched the brand. An avid surfer, Founder Eli C. was less than satisfied with the available sunblock products. Working as an apiary for the family bee farm, he decided to create his own product and incorporate the beneficial byproducts bees produce (beeswax and propolis) into this sunblock ointment.

The original Eli's Surf Screen is a blend of natural and organic ingredients - coconut oil*, castor oil*, zinc oxide, beeswax, propolis, raw cacao*, coffee extract*, and vanilla bean*. *Certified organic.

Choose from two - the original Eli's Surf Screen and Beeswax Surf Screen. Both come in a convenient easy-to-carry tin. Both tins feature original artwork by Colin Schildhauer.

No harsh chemicals are used in the production of any Hive & Body Products.