Bath Bombs

You deserve to treat yourself to a relaxing bath at the end of a, particularly difficult day. Or maybe a celebratory bath for a job well done. In either case, you will love the explosion of essential oils of our fizzy bath bombs. Be prepared to lounge in your bath as there are remarkable benefits to soaking in a bath.

We did a little research for you about bathing and discovered some surprising benefits about soaking in a bath or ‘hydrotherapy’. Hydrotherapy is an age-old ritual that has been practiced for centuries.  These are some of the top benefits from an independent writer of Like Hacks

  1. Improve heart health
  2. Breathing may be easier
  3. Relaxing for the brain and nervous system
  4. Ease sore joints, muscles, and bones
  5. Improve blood circulation and increase oxygenation


A soak in a hot bath opens the skin's pores to allow the essential oils from our Bath Bombs to penetrate the skin. We carefully selected the ingredients of our Bath Bombs for the most benefit to you and your skin.