Liquid Soap

If you care about the your skin and the environment, then our Liquid Soap is for you. We use no detergents and no harsh chemicals in the production of any of our soaps!

If you love our Bath Bar Soap, then you will love our Liquid Soap. The basis of our Liquid Soap is produced from the soap cuttings from our Bath Bars and mixed with distilled water. The Liquid Soap is handmade in Santa Barbara, California. You'll enjoy the same gentle cleansing as our Handmade Bath Bars. All of our soap products are made with all-natural organic ingredients.

Liquid Soap is a multi-purpose cleanser - - good for face, hands, and even hair. It is also great for hand washing dishes.

You may enjoy our other scent: lemongrass.

This product is ocean safe and grey water safe.