Sanitizer for hands and surfaces

Our wonderful hand and surface Propolis Sanitizer has the bacterial and viral killing power of isopropyl alcohol plus the enhanced power of propolis – an aromatic resin that bees collect from trees and shrubs which is used to protect the hive from infection.

We also added a blend of 8 certified organic essential oils to keep hands moisturized and prevent the dryness of major name brand sanitizers. Plus these 8 essential oils all have high anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.

This combination of ingredients makes Hive & Body’s Propolis Sanitizer is a powerful hygiene tool for hands and surfaces. Works well for hands and disinfecting surfaces, counters, doorknobs, keyboards, and more.

Our Propolis Sanitizer comes in reusable bottles in a lovely shade of cobalt blue. The spritzer head makes it easy to spray - on hands or surfaces. Comes in three convenient sizes:
  • 2 oz bottle - easily portable and fits in pockets NEW!
  • 4 oz bottle - lightweight and portable - - perfect for purse or car
  • 16 oz bottle - great for home or office

Use of our Propolis Sanitizer along with simple and regular hand washing using Hive & Body’s cold processed bars of soap - - is a highly effective health protocol.

Order your surface and hand sanitizer now while it is in stock!

NOTE: Due to a shortage of spray pump heads, a standard flip-top dispenser may be used.