Soap - Bath Bar, Lavender & Wild Sage

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Using all natural ingredients and made in Santa Barbara California, our soaps bring the cleanliness properties of the beehive to clean and nurture your skin. You won't find any unnecessary ingredients or chemicals that can be harmful to your skin. All our soaps are handmade cold-processed using beeswax and honey to provide a gentle cleansing from head to toe. 

Our lavender scent is one of our most popular. In addition to the wonderful aroma, lavender is known to have anti-bacterial benefits and to help with relaxation.  Plus it has a variety of other healing properties you can read about here.

The list of benefits for Sage is too long to list. Top two properties on the list are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Regular use of our Lavender & Wild Sage soap may help to inhibit microbes and bacteria on the skin. Read more about sage here.

Colors may vary.

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Made with certified organic ingredients, ocean safe and grey water safe.

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