Surf Screen, Eli's Original Beeswax Formula

Surf Screen, Eli's Original Beeswax Formula

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Eli's Surf Screen is a natural beeswax based surf screen zinc based sunblock created by a waterman for all outdoor water sports. It is ocean and reef safe. It can also be used to help problem skin and wet suit rash.

The combination of element blocking effects of beeswax and zinc oxide with the moisturizing effects of coconut and castor oils create powerful protection for your skin against sun, surf, and wind. The subtle aroma of coffee extract combined with the fragrance of vanilla bean make this product a pleasure to use. Try it once and you are sure to be a life long advocate for Eli's Surf Screen and other products.

Made from a blend of beeswax, natural oils* (coconut and castor), zinc oxide, beeswax, propolis, raw cacao*, coffee extract*, and vanilla bean*.

Apply a thick layer for maximum protection.

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